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Handblown Glass Pouring Bowl


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Handblown glass by Scott Benefield of BTU Studio.

This pouring bowl transitions seamlessly from kitchen worktop to kitchen table. So whether you’re squeezing juice or whipping cream there’s no need to decant the contents into something suitable for the table – this will hold it all beautifully.  A lovely gift too.

Using the same tools and conditions, fire and gravity, that have shaped glass for two millennia Scott makes pieces in real-time. Each piece is a record of the reactions and decision-making that occur in a split second as the molten glass moves. There is no engraving or painting or reshaping afterwards. 

Design: available in Wiggle (wider white glass strands), Thread (tighter white glass strands) or Spiral (tight white lines through the clear glass).

Size: Height 10.5 cm / Diameter 13 cm

Notes: This is handblown glass, each piece varies slightly from the next (that, of course, is the beauty!) It doesn’t like microwaves, hot liquids or dishwashers. 

On display at Cookhouse Crafts, Bowness on Windermere.


Thread, Wiggle, Spiral


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